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Presentation at Hillsdale College – “The Road Ahead”

Don gave his 18th annual presentation at Hillsdale College on November 5th in the Dow Center.  This year’s topic was entitled ‘The Road Ahead”.  Despite complications due to the Covid pandemic, the students able to attend were as enthusiastic as ever.

Read more about it at the Hillsdale Collegian

Mentoring Session – Alan Mulally and Don Tocco

October 27th at Grey Hawk Golf Club in Scottsdale, Arizona.  During this semi-annual visit, Mr. Mulally recommended an excellent read for all folks sincerely focused on becoming superb leaders.  He was so personally captivated by the book “The Extraordinary Power of Leader Humility” by Marilyn Gist that he wrote the forward for the book — and it is a fabulous read.

Talk at Rochester University

Don has been invited to present a testimonial message at one of our few but important Christian colleges in the Detroit area.  Adam Baron, Executive of RU, learned about Don’s work at Hillsdale College, Northwood University and Spring Arbor University and asked if he would provide an inspirational message for the school.  The date is November 7 and will be attended by roughly 1,000 students, faculty and administrative staff. 

Golfing with Alan Mulally

Don and Alan Mulally have scheduled yet another golf event in Scottsdale, Arizona for  late November.  It will be a great opportunity to learn about a new book, “Drive One Direction” wherein Alan wrote the foreward.  Will be another great read! 

Hillsdale College Releases Short Documentary on Don Tocco and His Relationship to the College

Don Tocco talks about how he discovered Hillsdale College and how the friendship between Don and the college formed.

Don Tocco speaks on student talents, donates to student clubs at Hillsdale College


The presentation was centered around ways we can start to notice and get in touch with our unique abilities and most importantly, figure out how to build a skillset around that talent.

Northwood University Outstanding Business Leader Award


Don Tocco rejoins friends and alum at the 39th Annual Outstanding Business Leader Award on March 26, 2019,at The Breakers Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida.  He continues his work helping Northwood University Business Bound Students and entrepreneurs with planning and motivation.  One of the OBL recipients for 2019, Jack Krasula, was nominated by Mr. Tocco.  Jack’s experience as a businessman and host of WJR Radio’s Weekly Show, “Anything is Possible” was a big hit at this year’s event. 

A Tribute to Don’s Friend: Joe Girard


Indeed it’s that time for Don Tocco and the millions of others around the globe who were ardent fans of Joe Girard’s speeches and best selling books put him on the international map after he became recognized in the Guiness book of world records as the greatest salesman in the world.  Joe earned this distinction by selling six cars on average every working day for 12 years.


Don and Joe became close friends after meeting in 1979 at a public event.  The friendship grew and a dozen years later when Joe proposed marriage to his beautiful Kitty, he soon after asked Don to be their best man.  What a wedding!!!  (Place link to the actual toast by the best man)


Equally notable another fact that is also in the record books is of the over 400 presentations done by Don for the youth of America – he has never failed to tell the story about Joe Girard’s famous morning warm-up that started with the words “I Feel Good – I Feel Great!”  Just ask any Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership student or Hillsdale College student this past quarter of a century. 


The world has lost a great man who will never be forgotten.  No doubt Joe is motivating his fellow angels as we speak in that great theater in heaven so that they might go out and sell more souls on the idea of grace!!!

Don Tocco speaks on student talents, donates to student clubs at Hillsdale College


The presentation was centered around ways we can start to notice and get in touch with our unique abilities and most importantly, figure out how to build a skillset around that talent.

nineteenth Annual Executive Dinner


Don had the opportunity to meet with the Tocco “unofficial” Board of Directors.

Hillsdale College Everett Oratory Contest


President Dr. Larry Arnn has invited Don once again, to judge the schools aclaimed Everett Oratory Contest. Seven students compete in this oral classic lasting ten minutes per student. The winner takes home $3000 in prize money; plus the honor of being considered Hillsdale’s Champion Orator.
2017 Marks the 10th year Mr. Tocco has been part of the three person judging panel. The others have been, well, Judges from higher courts and nationally recognized political leaders and journalists. Click the link below for the Collegian article.


A Day With an Icon


Last month Don shared a day with the man known as the American Icon. Alan Mulally did save Boeing Aircraft from going out of business twice and provided an even greater service when saving Ford Motor Company from a similar fate. Alan is a beloved figure in Michigan and an automotive giant- Fortune Magazine ranked him the 3rd greatest leader in the world, behind the Pope and head of the European Union. Don has been given the honor of sculpting Mulally’s bust which will be given to the Automotive Hall of Fame later this year and on permanent display. More Later…

7/21/16-Don attends the Automotive Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for Alan Mulally (Pictures with Don, Alan, and Don Petersen)


Michigan Design Center-May 18th, 2016


On May 18th, Don gave a presentation displaying a number of works of art and indulging the viewers in the back stories and even poems behind each piece.

Northwood University “Senior Send-Off” 4/20/16


Northwood University of Midland, MI has invited to Don to present a farewell address to the graduating seniors on Wednesday, April 20th @ 5:00 PM at the Gerace Auditorium

“Learning How to Fly”-Hillsdale Presentation 4/14/16


Hillsdale College has invited Don to speak in front of 400+ students to help provide them with the tools they need to be successful both professionally and spiritually.

The event will be at the Searle Center at Hillsdale College on April 14th at 7:00 PM

Outstanding Business Leaders (OBL) Gala



Northwood University awarded Don and six other business leaders from around the country with their prestigious outstanding business leader award. Their criteria for selecting the awardees includes contribution to education, community involvement, philanthropic contributions, support of the integration of business and the arts, contribution to the philosophy of private enterprise and business and professional success. Past recipients include Richard M. Devos, Amway corporations; Arnold Palmer, Palmer Enterprises; John Teets, CEO of Greyhound Corporation; Bob Eaton, CEO of Chrysler Corporation; Dave Bing, Chairman of Bing Group; Keith Crain, Crain Communications; Kim Yost, CEO of Art Van Furniture and many others. The event was highlighted by having many students attending from the Northwood University campus in West Palm Beach. All attendees received a copy of Don’s book, Art of the Journey.

Below is a link to the full recording of the event. Skip forward to 1:09:00 to hear Don’s introduction and speech

Lincoln High School Presentation


Mr. Tocco returns to his high school alma mater for more than 30 years in a row. Speaking to the senior class with focuses on the importance of seeking knowledge, and at that presentation provided his book, Art of the Journey, as a gift to all students, along with CDs which emphasizes setting goals, discipline and courage. The assistant principal, Vic Breithaupt, feels these visits provide hope and help make changes for the better in his students. ​

4th Annual Michigan Greatest Artist’s Competition 


Once again, Brooks Patterson (Oakland County Executive) and his assistant Kristy Zamora, are presenting the Michigan Greatest Artist’s Contest for the 4th year in a row. This event invites all interested artists from Wayne, Macomb, and Oakland counties to compete in this exciting annual event. Past winners have received great recognition and have gone on to become professional artists, selling their creative works for enthusiastic recipients. As an artist, Mr. Tocco has enjoyed the opportunity to critique, judge, and offer encouragement to these newly developing artisans. You may want to visit the Michigan Greatest Artist’s website for more details at: