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About Don Tocco

“I want to thank you for coming out and speaking to our students at Kingsbury Country Day School. I have never seen our students so focused on a speaker before! This validates not only the relevance of what you had to share but also your ability to captivate your audience with your experiences and your advice. Your messages resonated with all of our students, in spite of the broad age range in attendance. I certainly hope you will consider returning to our school again in the future!”

Tom M.

Dear Mr. Tocco,

Your words were what I have been longing to hear. I hadn’t felt truly inspired since after HOBY and listening to your tape brought all of those feelings back. My drive was restored, “I feel good, I feel great! Look out world, ‘cause I’m coming out ONE MORE TIME!!”

Amanda Snyder
Altoona, PA

Dear Mr. Tocco,

The last four years have provided learning lessons and opportunities I never could have imagined. However, through the hardest times – when I experienced real self-doubt – it was your CD that I would put into my car stereo and drive around for hours listening to in order to regenerate myself and remind myself of the necessary “I can” attitude.

Overcoming adversity and confusion gave me strength and assurance in myself to try more things. I founded a History Club at my school and lead my Model UN team to a State Championship, as well as participation in many other school activities and clubs. I have continued to volunteer with HOBY Utah for the last 4 years and I plan to one day become the President of our local chapter!

Good luck and God bless.
Shailey Christensen Ratiff
Salt Lake City, UT

Hi Don,

I’m Jorge Tamayo from Mexico. I think about your talk almost everyday. I was thinking about all the people I met and all the things I learned at the conference. I remember that I should not be afraid to desire what I really want to do with a “burning desire” and keep fighting for it. So thank you again for everything you told us during HOBY.

Jorge Tamayo

Dear Mr. Tocco,

First I would like to thank you for truly inspiring me with your sage advice and for empowering me, which is arguably the greatest gift possible to bestow. I recently attended the HOBY WLC where you spoke, and I would like to thank you for everything you have done, you are a noble human being because you singlehandedly change the lives of young people and in turn the course of history and humanity.

Brian Joseff
Santa Barbara, CA

“This program has made me want to go to school, and pursue excellence in everything I do”

Mary from Parker Elementary

“You taught us not to look on the outside of people, but to look on the inside”

Lauren from Quarton Elementary

“Your encouragement has helped me face my fears”

Ted from St. Hugo

“I can stand up for myself and be able to help others”

Tina from Warren G. Harding Elementary

“I have been improving ever since you came and talked to us”

Marcus from Quarton Elementary

“If it wasn’t for you, I would never have a positive attitude and self esteem”

Julia from Greenfield Elementary

“I can’t thank you enough for giving me determination, a positive attitude and self esteem”

Alex from St. Hugo

“I am going to pass this information on to my children, so it will pass from generation to generation”

Dominique from Westwood Elementary